Renewable Energy Map



Discover the incredible world of renewable energy in Australia through our interactive map. We aim to highlight the multitude of renewable projects across the country and showcase the dedicated efforts behind generating clean, sustainable power. Explore and appreciate the remarkable work undertaken to power our nation with renewable energy sources, shedding light on the importance of a greener future for Australia.

Total Energy Generated [Approx Per Annum]

Solar Energy

Wind Energy

Battery Storage

Hybrid Energy

Hydrogen Energy

Other Sources

Workforce Plus is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that empowers individuals and the community through innovative ways of providing support to our disability, employment and education clients/participants. We have worked closely with ARA to develop this interactive map, looking to enhance the search capabilities for the greater community interested in the work in the renewable energy sector across the country. Workforce Plus contributes to a sustainable future while making a profound impact on the lives of its clients and staff.

Renewable Energy Map Highlights


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Projects in Progress

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PLANNED Projects

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